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 onichi(demon blood)

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PostSubject: onichi(demon blood)   Wed Mar 12, 2008 4:51 pm

Clan Name:onichi

Clan Style: ninjutsu

Element: fire

kekkei Genkai: demon form

Jutsu: ultimate transormation:the can easily transform into any animal with no chakra cost
fire controll:they can controll fire with little chakra cost

Famous Clan Members: none

Infamous Clan Members: none

History: the onichi cal has been around for ages but no one has known of them until recently. the clan was started when the first two demons where put onto the earth. they fell in love and named their clan Onichi, after the blood that ran through their veins. through incest inorder to keep the boold pure the clan became huge but still no one knew of them for they his in the shadows adn rarely bothered anyhumans. when demons began to converge with the humans the clan slowly came out of the shadows how ever they simple pretended to be humans using transfermation to hide their true apearence. when a villager discovered the truth and tried to kill an Onichi the clan returned to the shadows and stayed there. some of the demons still talked to the humans but kept their identity a secret. then whe the demon king fell inlove with a beutiful women the demons began to apear again until the king was slain and the clan disapeared all together and none have been seen since.
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onichi(demon blood)
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