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 Riolu and Darkrai's weapons (example)

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Syaoran Li
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PostSubject: Riolu and Darkrai's weapons (example)   Thu Mar 13, 2008 2:11 pm


Name: Kunai

Class:- Kunai

Description:- A knife, dagger thingy that has a non existant handle and a ring on the bottom, Riolu has a bag of these, as well as hois melee combat ones

Abilities:- Kunai can be thrown, and Riolu's replenish magically, they can also contain traps, such as explosion scrolls, trip mines and other traps.

History:- Riolu has owned these Kunai since he was found by Risa, she gave him something to defend himself with, and he learnt how to booby trap them, with scrolls, so he does just that, and implants explosion scrolls, nets, scatter bombs, trip mines, Cluster explosives, bear traps and more


Name: Yamato

Class:- Nodachi

Description:- The handle is black and tainted, the reason why it is wrapped in a black bandage, the blade is long and thin, but extremely sharp at the same time, on the right side of it is the word, Yamato, Sword Sparda, and on the other side, are the words, Weapon forged in darkness, from darkness.

Abilities:- The Yamato can never be stolen from Darkrai, as it was create for him especially, it has many abilities:

Judgement Slash:- A flashlight like effect is cast over the area, and bubbles appear over all non ally organisms, then the bubbles start to harm the persons trapped, everytime Darkrai swings the blade, the person is cut, when Darkrai stabs, the persons are penetrated by air, causing many wounds.

Rapid Slash:- Darkrai charges forward, his balde at his side, he then puts the blade back into the Sheath, and stops at the clip, he then pushes it in fully, causing strange light, everything he passed when he charged, is cut and/or falls to pieces, literally.

Dark Rapid:- Darkrai pulls the Yamato out of the sheath, jumps backwards, and slashes, he then pushes it into the sheath and stops at the clip, he then pushes it in all the way, creatign another strange light, the entire area infront of him becomes dark, and flashes of light that appear to be slashes appear everywhere, everywhere one of the lights touched, becomes cut.

Demon Gate Slash:- the reason in which Yamato was forged by Ai Emma, and is only useable by Darkrai, Darkrai uses power that no mortal can sustain, he swings the blade, this can either open a single, or all 8 demon gates, leading into the 8 different cruel circles of hell, he can slash and close thm, sealing them, or he can eliminate them, meaning no escape form hell, but no entry until the gates are repaired by the very same blade, Yamato.

History:- Darkraiwas the result of an experiment, in which creature Deoxynobolic Acid was taken and fused with Artificial Telekenetic Deoxynobolic Acid, or DNA for short, the experiment was a success, in which three creatures were created, and even had Morphing capabilities, but one creature escaped, and destroyed the lab, the three all found themselves in different areas, Darkrai had escaped and destroyed everything, he had found himself in the Akatsuki base, where he destroyed and wreaked havoc on surrounding villages, until a girl stumbled across him, Ai Emma, the youngest female Akatsuki memberi n the AO team, she stumbled across the Anthromorph, and saw the trail of destruction, The story is much similar to that of Riolu, Ai duked it out with Darkrai, but was sorely defeated, she made contact with the Anthromorph, and in which created a telekenetic bond, and he became her gaurdian, and to him, she was his Human Companion.

Darkrai had too much power for him to sustain, and he created random explosions of chakra energy every now and then, so until he grew stronger with his chakra capacity, Ai and him worked alogn with the other Akatsuki to build a sword, a Nodachi, that could control and manipulate the hell gates, aswell as manipulate reality, Darkrais own power.
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu and Darkrai's weapons (example)   Thu Mar 13, 2008 2:50 pm



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Riolu and Darkrai's weapons (example)
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