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 Li's Weapon

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Syaoran Li
The Blue Bandit
The Blue Bandit

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PostSubject: Li's Weapon   Fri Mar 14, 2008 2:38 pm

Name: Yamato

Class:- Nodachi

Description:- The handle is black and tainted, the reason why it is wrapped in a black bandage, the blade is long and thin, but extremely sharp at the same time, on the right side of it is the word, Yamato, Sword Sparda, and on the other side, are the words, Weapon forged in darkness, from darkness.

Abilities:- The Yamato can never be stolen from Li, as it was create for him especially, it has many abilities:

Judgement Slash:- A flashlight like effect is cast over the area, and bubbles appear over all non ally organisms, then the bubbles start to harm the persons trapped, everytime Darkrai swings the blade, the person is cut, when Darkrai stabs, the persons are penetrated by air, causing many wounds.

Rapid Slash:- Li charges forward, his balde at his side, he then puts the blade back into the Sheath, and stops at the clip, he then pushes it in fully, causing strange light, everything he passed when he charged, is cut and/or falls to pieces, literally.

Dark Rapid:- Li pulls the Yamato out of the sheath, jumps backwards, and slashes, he then pushes it into the sheath and stops at the clip, he then pushes it in all the way, creatign another strange light, the entire area infront of him becomes dark, and flashes of light that appear to be slashes appear everywhere, everywhere one of the lights touched, becomes cut.

Demon Gate Slash:- the reason in which Yamato was forged by Li and Ai, and is only useable by Li and Darkrai, Darkrai uses power that no mortal can sustain,Li is just hellish, he swings the blade, this can either open a single, or all 8 demon gates, leading into the 8 different cruel circles of hell, he can slash and close thm, sealing them, or he can eliminate them, meaning no escape form hell, but no entry until the gates are repaired by the very same blade, Yamato.

History:- Li was a boy who livedi n the Mist village, he was a childhood friend of the girl named Ai Emma, of the AO akatsuki branch, Li was strange, and he stood out from the rst of the Mist Ninja, in the fact at first, he couldn't do the simplest of Jutsus, but he unlocked a hidden power hat not even he knew about, that had been in his family for generations, his best friend, Ai emma, and himself, used to practice their Jutsu and fighting all day long at the age of 5 to 7, but then an unfortunate event happened, Ai tried out a new jutsu, and it went wrong, casting Li into the abyss known as hell, Ai later found out her power was to lock people in hell, but she remained oblivious to where her child hood friend had dissappeared to.

Li's hidden powers were considered forbidden, even in hell, and as a result, he was hunted down and poached, being put in the Cruel Cirlce's Spardan Prison, a place where the nastiest of the nasty, the storngest of the strong, and demons of exraordinary power are locked away, to stop them ever releasing their extraordinary energies, demons and sentient beings that are considered too powerful, are locked away here, Li always had bags under his eyes, as he would be up most nights, thinkign of a way to escape, and because of the constant fear of being attacked in his sleep by the demons, he couldn't die in hell, but he could feel pain, on Li's 13th birthday, he received news from overhearing a few of the gaurds speaking, he was to be released on his 14th birthday, this made him excited, and he felt happy, he could finally escape.

Li forged a blade, using a blue print him and Ai had made, the handle was already made by the two, he just needed to make the blade, and it took him several hours and days of blood, sweat and just pure luck to get it right, in the end, he had a blade of unimaginable power
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PostSubject: Re: Li's Weapon   Fri Mar 14, 2008 2:44 pm



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Li's Weapon
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