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 Kimae's Scythe

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PostSubject: Kimae's Scythe   Fri Mar 14, 2008 9:46 pm

Name: Fukyuu

Class:- scythe


Abilities:- Can cut through the immaterial, such as spirits and chakra. The souls killed by this are purified and sent to heaven, to enjoy eternal peace. other powers:

Eternal rend: A green crescent shaped wave of energy, which cuts through most solid materials.
Fountain of Youth: A hole opens in the ground, which pours out enrgy which heals Kimae or anyone she wishes.
Purity-The wielder of this, cannot,in any way, be sent to hell.

History:-This scythe belonged to KImae's adoptive father, who taught her how to use this weapon like a master. It was apparently his fathers, and has been passed down since ancient times. she doesn't like to use it often, but she will if needed.
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Kimae's Scythe
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