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Anko Mitarashi


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PostSubject: AnkoMitarashi   Sun Mar 23, 2008 4:34 pm

Name: AnkoMitarashi

Gender: Female

Alliance/LivingArea : shinobi village

Age: 24


Clan(optional): none

Personality: personality: rash, impulsive, Likes: being late for the exams dislikes:Orochimaru loves:none Alliance: good

Rank: Tokubetsu jounin

~Pick 1 or 3: Genjutsu

Do not list your jutsu's, or any other skills or specialties. Only one of the things listed above^. It is just to tell us what your character is best at

summary of history: At a young age, when Anko was genin, the great Sannin Orochimaru took Anko under his wing. He taught her many things, including forbidden jutsu. Unfortunately for her, he was only using her for his own ends. He took Anko to the Sea Country for an experiment, along with nine others. The group of ten were branded with curse seals, but the only one to survive was Anko. Aborting Orochimaruís plans to use her, he left her behind on the country. Eventually she was found by ANBU and she returned to Konoha, having medical ninja seal away the curse seal. After that she was under the watch of Sandaime Hokage. She began to repress her memories of everything that happened, a coping mechanism if you will and she continued her life without her mentor, although she did use the Kinjutsu sometimes. Eventually she passed the Chuunin Exams after much training.

As the years passed she was appointed to the rank of Special/Advanced Jounin, watching over the Second part of Chuunin Exams. During the exams she would learn about the death of a mysterious grass ninja, being replaced by Orochimaru himself. Once she found Orochimaru in the Forest of Death, she confronted him in an attempt to kill them both but was unsuccessful. He told her about his new project, involving the one known as Uchiha Sasuke. He left her there and she rushed back to the village to report the news. It was decided the Chuunin Exams would continue, and she had many conversations with the Third Hokage about what had/was happening. During their many conversations, she expressed her wish that the Fourth Hokage was still alive, so he could take care of him. When Orochimaru launched the invasions, she didnít take up the front lines to defend against her former mentor, instead she helped get citizens out of harms way.

Months later, she investigated strange happenings in the Sea Country. During the mission she didnít see Orochimaru but she did stop his minions from messing with the country even more. While she was there, she was able to regain her memories and remembered that she had turned him down, and stood up for herself.
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Yes that's how serious he is ^^
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