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 Pain (canon)

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PostSubject: Pain (canon)   Fri Mar 07, 2008 11:55 am



Alliance/LivingArea : akatsuki

Age: dont know


Clan(optional): No clan

Personality: Pain is an evil dark man who wants to end the world because he thinks every one causes pain

Rank: jounin

~Pick 1 or 3:Ninjutsu, Genjutsu

summary of history:
Pain is the assigned leader of Akatsuki, and is partners with Konan. He was told by Tobi/Madara to capture Naruto, and that because he is the leader, he cannot fail. Pain has shown us that he has as six different bodies which share the same mind, and are known collectively as The Six Paths of Pain. These bodies all have brown/orange hair color, piercing, and the Rinnegan doujutsu (which allows the user to perform any jutsu and manipulate all six types of chakra-nature manipulation). All six bodies are, in a sense, connected since they can share visual information seamlessly, giving Pain the ability to coordinate offense and defense of all six bodies as if they were a single entity.
Each of the six entities that are Pain were ninja that Jiraiya encountered as he wandered the world. Some of the abilities we've seen Pain's bodies perform are detecting the movements and chakra levels of people traveling within the rain (that he has created), the summoning jutsu, ability to absorb ninjutsu as a form of defense and the ability to fire his left arm like a missile Pain's real name is Nagato, and he was left orphaned by one of the Hidden Rain Village's many wars in his childhood along with Konan (who is also a Akatsuki member), and a boy named Yahiko (who is presumed dead). After one of the wars, Jiraiya met the three kids, and became their teacher for a short time. Sometime after Jiraiya left, Nagato started to view himself as a god destined to teach the world the meaninglessness of fighting. Eventually 'Pain' came into existence and single-handedly killed the Hidden Rain Village's former leader, Hanzo and those affiliated with him, and became somebody the village's people worship.
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PostSubject: Re: Pain (canon)   Fri Mar 07, 2008 5:46 pm



Yes that's how serious he is ^^
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Pain (canon)
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