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 Nariko Clan Main Branch

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PostSubject: Nariko Clan Main Branch   Sat Mar 08, 2008 2:17 pm

History: This clan originated in Kumogakure, about fifty years after Kumo was built. The clan started with the birth of Shitsuryou, the first Nariko clan member, who's parents were Rikugou (father) and Jikuu (mother). Rikugou studied the cosmos, and in his learnings created many jutsu that complimented the universe, his most powerful jutsu being Ryuuseiu no Jutsu (Meteor Shower Jutsu). Jikuu on the other hand had a special bloodline limit from her clan. She had the unique ability of creating space-time jutsus. Some say that her clan were the creators of the Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Jutsu) which allows the user to freely teleport to any location without the use of seals. Shitsuryou gained special eyes which he named the Karasugan (for they resembled crow's eyes). This occurred from the tragic loss of his mother Jikuu, who was executed by her own clan for marrying outside the clan, Rikugou was killed by the same clan months later, but not before he got his only son to safety (this was around eight years after Shitsuryou was born). Growing up in an orphaned home, Shitsuryou was trained in the art of ninjutsu, excelling at every stage. He mastered every style of ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu the village had at the age of ten. When he turned 13, he obtained the Jakuden, the second stage of the Karasugan. At the age of twenty-two Shitsuryou married and had three children of whom never gained the Karasugan. Another fifty years passed, and one Nariko member decided to try and force the Karasugan. In his attempt, he gained an invisible third eye and was banned from the Nariko clan. This was the start of the Nariko Clan's step branch, who fled to Yukkigakure.

Clan Information: Currently there are twelve small families left in the Nariko clan. At the death of Wakusei, her four sons; Jaser, Ken, Jada and Hoshiko gained the Karasugan, a blood line limit that seemed to be extinct. Ken had been killed in the mission to kidnap the Hyuuga girl, Hinata. Jaser is currently a high ranked Jonin who dedicates himself to his village, and both Jada and Hoshiko had deserted their village as soon as their mother died. Besides this rarity no other Nariko member have been known to possess the Karasugan. The Nariko Clan today proves to be one of the most superior clans throughout Kumogakure.

What Does Your Clan Do For A Living?: The Nariko Clan are the heads of the ninja council within Kumogakure, they help with the police force, as well as protect the Raikage.

Number of Members: Twelve Small Families

Values: Despite the lack of members who have yet to obtain the Karasugan, the Nariko Clan excel in their ability to learn jutsu faster than most shinobi. They are also known for their arsenal of ninjutsus, genjutsus and taijutsus.

V.I.P.s: Rikugou and Jikuu: Founders of the Nariko Clan; Shitsuryou: First Nariko Clan member, and first to obtain the Karasugan; Taiyou: Number One Body Guard of the Raikage, and the Chief of the Police Station, also the father of Jaser, Ken, Jada and Hoshiko; Jaser, Ken, Jada and Hoshiko: Only Four Members Currently Known to Possess the Karasugan.

Clan's Relation to Character: Hoshiko has become an outcast to the Nariko Clan, as he deserted his clan many years ago.

Bloodline Limit/Spirit: Karasugan (Crow's Eye)
The Karasugan can only be obtained through some form of tragedy that the member may suffer from. This Bloodline Limit cannot be forced, as stated in the clan's history. When a member activates the Karasugan, it remains throughout their entire life, permanently turning their eyes yellow. There are three known forms of the Karasugan, of which only one known member has achieved, that member being Shitsuryou. The first form named Jiryoku, allows the user to see electrical currents inside and outside the body. The second form named Jakuden, allows the user to magnetize small or medium pieces of metal, and can also repel these same pieces of metal. And the third form named Denryuu, for now all that is known is that this form can magnetize or repel larger pieces of metal. It is rumored that the Denryuu has a second stage per say, named Tsuuden, which allows the user to travel on the electric currents outside the body, so to reach greater speeds. At the stage of Denryuu, the body takes damage as the currents start ripping through the muscles, the longer in this stage the more damage the user takes.
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PostSubject: Re: Nariko Clan Main Branch   Sat Mar 08, 2008 2:26 pm

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Nariko Clan Main Branch
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