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 Nariko Clan step branch

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roku nariko
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PostSubject: Nariko Clan step branch   Sat Mar 08, 2008 2:18 pm

History: The clan first came from kumo, then traveled to The Land Of Snow, the main branch was in Kumo thats were the leaders of the clan stay, in the land of snow thats were the step branch lives until they were killed, the leaders in were not happy about this and layed low tile the hole thing was done with, then desisted to stay underground so know they are a underground organization so the same thing will not happen again, they heard for the leaf that there was one remaining member in the Nariko Clan left alive that was part of the step branch of the clan, know they are looking for the one member that lived named Roku Nariko. The Nariko Clan has a thing that involves the third eye and opening it, the problem with this is after doing it to much the person would go blind so it was a forbidin justu and there was no punishment for doing this but the fact that they would go blind for opening the third eye.

Clan Information:The clan is a very small clan, the people of this clan is very powerful, with very low limits and are not afraid to use there power for there advantages and have a thing about killing people that oppose them. the clan is not evil
but does what they need to do to stay alive, the hide in the mountains of kumo hiding in a cave and all around the mountains hiding from the would they live only to get new members and to see other parts of the would but they mostly stay in there living area.Roku Nariko is the only known member of the step branch, there are more but not found.

What Does Your Clan Do For A Living?: they are ninja/assassin

Number of Members: !2 smale familys

Values: they have a third eye that allows them to see peoples chakra pints

V.I.P.s: Tomoko Nariko(the mother of the clan.Tsuki Nariko(the father of the nariko clan)

Clan's Relation to Character:(i have two people nad one of them is in teh Nariko Clan)he was born into the Nariko clan

Bloodline Limit/Spirit: Has the third eye opening witch allows me to see peoples chakra points in there body.
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hinata hyuga/ tsunade

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PostSubject: Re: Nariko Clan step branch   Sat Mar 08, 2008 2:36 pm

appoved ^^


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Nariko Clan step branch
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