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 Roku nariko jutsu

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roku nariko
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PostSubject: Roku nariko jutsu   Sun Mar 09, 2008 5:11 pm

roku nariko's justu(DONE)
1)Name:"snow clone justu"
justu type:ninjustu
elemental affinity:snow
description:a snow clone appers and helps me fight.when it is hit it becomes a pile of snow then it reforms it self, this can only happen twice, this justu can only be use if the user hasn't used any of there justu yet, if they have used justu this can not be done.this justu can be modified to use more elements into the justu and become a higher rank and add more clones tot he justu.the things that the clones can do is they can fight tell I"m out of chakra and they can not use any justu, but they can throw kunai.

2)Name:"replacement justu"
justu type:ninjustu
elemental affinity:none
description:this justu replaces you with any abject and makes it look like you until it is hit, then turns back to the abject it once was.using this justu takes very little chakra.this justu is a very low rank justu that can be used many times in a row.this justu can not become any better then it already is.this is a weak justu that can be learned by anyone.

3)Name:frost bite
range:arm range
justu type:ninjustu
elimantal affinity:ice
description:when hit with this just the lime that was hit starts to become numb slowly but surely, this in time stops you from using that lime until the lime becomes worm.If the lime is not worm with in 24 hour the lime can possible become useless for ever. this justu can be used twice a day without running out of chakra.this is a very dangerous justu for me and the other person, because if it hits me instead of the other person then the same thing happens to me as well.

4)name:snow coffin/snow burial
justu type:ninjustu
elimantal affinity:snow
description:This is a very slow but powerful justu.This justu sorounds you in snow slowly, then when fully in the justu you are unable to move, then you are lifted into the air and then crushed at a very powerful and fast speed, this justu can kill you depending if i get you hole body or just a part of your body, if i only get a part of you body then that part of your body is crushed and unable to be used tell it is healed bye someone.this justu take allot of consecration and can only be done once a day with having remaining chakra.

i have more jutsu but they are hidden
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hinata hyuga/ tsunade

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PostSubject: Re: Roku nariko jutsu   Sun Mar 09, 2008 5:14 pm

approved ^^


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Roku nariko jutsu
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