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 Go-Rudo mainbranch

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PostSubject: Go-Rudo mainbranch   Sun Mar 09, 2008 6:01 pm

History: The Go-Rudo clan began in the rain village, thus they are quite small. They were once great, despite their small numbers, they were strong. Eventually when the Rain village entered the era of wars they are involved in, the clan fell from it's greatness becoming soldiers and other things. After Pain took control, many of them became members of the Akatsuki, and regained an image of power in the village. They are greatly skilled in just about every element, making them useful in any terrain. They do not care much about what they do, as long as the clan survives.

Clan Information: Usually if you are a member of the clan, you are akatsuki whether you like it or not. They are elementally skilled in every way , making for useful ninjas. Their bllodline trait is rare, as only 2 members of the clan are known to possess it. They have no moral code, as long as their clan survives. Each family raises their children to learn a focus mainly on a different style of Jutsu, along with elements.

What Does Your Clan Do For A Living?: Mercenaries, restaurants, and akatsuki members.

Number of Members: 4 very small families

Values: Mastery of nearly every element, and willingness to do any mission given, no matter what it is.

V.I.P.s: Dageki Go-Rudo (founder- also first person to obtain bloodline trait)
Shizukesa Go-Rudo (only other person known to obtain bloodline trait)

Clan's Relation to Character: Yabun was born as heir to the mainbrach of the Go-Rudo clan

Bloodline Limit/Spirit: Naito Aura- The wielder of this ability can temporarily call upon the chakra of their ancestors, except the ones that bore this technique. This greatly increases the power of their jutsus, their stamina, and other traits related to fighting. they can also then force the chakra into a dnese and unstable solid form, creating a bomb of sorts. The object would likely explode if disturbed greatly, such as if hit by an attack. since it's the wielders chakra, he would suffer no damage.

Wielders of Naito aura: Dageki, Shizukesa, and Yabun. (Yabun cannot yet use the explosion technique though.)
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Go-Rudo mainbranch
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