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 Hessa Mede

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PostSubject: Hessa Mede   Sun Mar 09, 2008 8:21 pm

Name: Hessa Mede

Gender: female

Alliance/LivingArea :Kiri

Age: 16


Clan(optional): N/A

Personality: As her name states, she is cunning, she thinks through before attacking her opponet.Also, she likes to show respect to those who are about to attack her. But not only that, she can sometimes be a little ditzy as well. Over all, she's a great person to be around until her attitude sparks up, then things might get a little messy. Sometimes her brothers consider her the goddess of water, because of her care for it, which normally gets them beaten up. Her loyalty knows no bounds, when she makes a dedication she stick to it.

Rank: chunnin

~Pick 1 or 3: Ninjutsu, Chakra Attuned [Controlling your Chakra], Elementalist

summary of history:
1-5 yrs: Here in this time, her brother was only 2 and living up to only him or his father. By the time she was able to walk, Janio would tip her, which now makes her live to their last name, being cunning, making him fall down a lot by the time she was five. When she was five, she was interested in becoming a ninja. But her mother tried to convenser to just stay home and help around the house with chores, but that had gotten her into a fit, which gives her, her own very bad attitude. So, when ever her father and brother would go out, she would follow and watch them train together, wishing she could be there with them in the excitment.
6-10 yrs: By the time she was six, her boredom at home was dectable, so her father asked if she wanted to go to the academy, Hessa jumped up and down with joy. By her seventh birthday, she was entered into the academy. Of course, her older brother being in their before her, made people think she'll be a trouble maker as well. But she proved them wrong, by looking and becoming older than she really looked, everyone was impressed by her attitude than her brother. By the age of six, her mother had another child, the youngest, Hendai. Hessas would always stay in the background as everone else would work and watch the baby, so a lot of the time she would train by herself. Janio becoming wiser, would come out and help train with her. With this, she learned about loyalty and how important it is. When Hessa was 10, she had passed the academy and gotten her team with Rinko (Genjutsu master) and Yukoni (Kenjutsu master).
11-15 yrs: When her and her team went for the chunnin exams, they almost failed around the second part, losing their earth scroll. By the second day, after encountering many wild life, they made it to the end, but with no scroll, so they waited and watched, waiting for a team to show up. When an unexpecting team showed up, tehy went down from their hiding spot and fought them, when they won, all were almost out of chakra, but they were glad to get through that trial. And finally when it came to last battle, both of her teammates were out, leaving only her. Of course she was scared and nervous, but her brother gave her some advise: Imagen that it's me. He said with a smirk. And that work. And know nothing really enventful has happened to her, except her younger brother keeps trying to fighter, which he always loses.


Yes that's how serious he is ^^
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Hessa Mede
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