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 Shizukesa's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Shizukesa's Jutsu   Mon Mar 10, 2008 8:25 pm

Name: Helio Clone
Element: Fire
Type: Elemental Ninjutsu
Effect: Just like a shadow clone, except causes an explosion when hit instead of a poofy-thing like most clones.
Downside: Takes Chakra

Name: Raikou Goei
Element: Lightning
Type: Ninjutsu
Effect: An orb of electricity forms around shizukesa, protecting him from oncoming attacks.
Downside: uses alot of chakra

Name: kyojin subeta
Element: None
Type: Kenjutsu
Effect: Uses chakra to expand the blade of his sword (which I'll make later) to create a devastating blow
Downside: uses lots of chakra, not terribly fast either

Name: reikon regeneration
Element: Earth......?
Type: Medical
Effect: focuses chakra to regenerate area's that have been wounded, and leaves his hands free to do whatever
Downside: Uses muy grande amounts of chakra

Name: Scalpel of dreams
Element: Lightning
Type: Medical
Effect: creates a chakra blade around the hand, causing great internal damage to the enemy
Downside: Lots of chakra

Name:Double Trouble
Element: None really.... just chakra....
Type: Kenjutsu
Effect: encases sword in a layer of chakra, which takes the shape of the sword, so that their chakra system is damged along with the rest of the enemy
Downside: uses chakra

Name:sunset web
Element: Fire
Type: Ninjutsu
Effect: Creates a large web of chakra, which is solid enough for it to be stood on. burns those who touch it.
Downside: uses chakra

Name: Avalanche Vengeance
Element: Ice
Type: Ninjutsu
Effect: Uses any source of water, such as clouds, vapor, lakes, streams, etc... To create a vast amount of snow which is piled upon the enemy, and then compressed into ice.......
Downside: Uses lots of chakra
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PostSubject: Re: Shizukesa's Jutsu   Mon Mar 10, 2008 8:30 pm



Yes that's how serious he is ^^
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Shizukesa's Jutsu
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