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PostSubject: Tassadar   Sun Mar 02, 2008 9:42 pm

Name: Tassadar

Gender: male

Alliance/LivingArea : The village hidden in sound but now lives in the hidden leaf village.

Age: looks to be 18 but has only been awake for 5 years.


Clan(optional):None, first of his kind.

Personality: Tassadar is brave but will retreat when he has to, he can become cruel from time to time, he likes to make friends, he can be serous from time to time, he is very protective of those he cares about and the leaf vilage
He loves being free, he likes to eat, he likes to make friends, he like the leaf village, and he likes to train. He hates the sound village, he hates Orochimaru, he hates missions that calls him to kill the innocent, he doesn't like being control, and he doesn't like it when people make fun of what he is.

Rank: chunnin

~Pick 1 or 3: Elementalist,Kenjutsu, and Taijutsu.

summary of history: Tassadar was a ninja that was created by Orochimaru using some of his powerful forbidden jutsus and bodies of the people he had killed, he created Tassadar for two reasons. One was to be one of his soldiers to use to destroy the village hidden in the leaf, the other reason was to be his next body if something was to happen to Sasuke. Tassadar was created five years ago and has been training and doing secret missions for Orochimaru and slowly he became a chunnin level ninja, and one of Tassadar's missions was to destroy a small village and he was doing well when he saw a young child with her mother and for some reason Tassadar couldn't kill them so he let them go. Soon after Tassadar slowly gained a sense of free will and every mission he took started to make him slowly hate his master/creator Orochimaru and vowed to get away from him and kill him.

After being alive for five years Tassadar was more than ready to escape so he left on a dark night while Orochimaru was gone and he quickly ran to the leaf village, while escaping he was attacked by some of the sound village's weaker ninjas but he was able to kill them all and escape but he was badly injured. He then reached the leaf village and was able to get inside it's boarders and convinced that the leaf ninjas to let him join their village but they said that if he does anything that is against the rules they would kill him. So now Tassadar lives in the leaf village and tries his best to keep it safe and to fit in.
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