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 Kekkie Genkai Templete

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PostSubject: Kekkie Genkai Templete   Wed Mar 12, 2008 3:14 pm

Here is a templete you can use to request certain Kekkei Genkai to use. If you want to skip a level of the keki genkai, EX. Goin from Sharingon w/ 1 tomoe to one with 3, forget about it. You must request Level 2 first and get approved. Also if you want the Rinnegan you must also Use this templete. other Kekkei genkai's that must be request are, Ranmaru's unknown eye's, Cellular (sokon and ukon), Ect..... Also you can make up a new version of a kekkie genkai from the series.


Type: (Eye, body, ect.....)



History: (Atleast 10 lines full)


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Kekkie Genkai Templete
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