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 Lunar Ebisawa

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PostSubject: Lunar Ebisawa   Lunar Ebisawa Icon_minitimeSat Mar 15, 2008 9:03 am

Clan Name: Ebisawa

Clan Style: Genjutsu

Element: (For Ninjutsu style clans, What element)

kekkei Genkai: talk and comunicate with animals.

Jutsu: Typhone jutsu

Famous Clan Members: Lunar Ebisawa

Infamous Clan Members: Hiko Ebisawa

History: A man named Acamichi was walking in the forest one day he saw someone playing with an animal and he tryed to talk to her but she ran off into the forest and he followed her. He ended up in a village where all of the animals lived. He never saw so many animals before and he went up to a middle aged man whitch was Lunars dad and asked him who they were and he discovered the Ebisawa Clan but they didn't want him to tell anyone because there clan could be in danger and guess what he did he told almost the hole world. Later that month the clan thought they would be safe but they weren't the hole sand village tryed to distroy the village but they couldn't Lunar and her clan were too strong. But later that year about 6 months after the Sand Village attached a demon named Kemoshi was trying to distroy the village. It destroyed the villlage and every one in it even Lunars mom and dad. She was the only surviver. She thought her brother Hiko was dead but some how he managed to get away from the beast that now lives in Lunar Ebisawa.
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Lunar Ebisawa
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